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Destination Dream: @PaperFrank
Destination Dream: @BobbyEarth

Destination Dream is a video series focused on shedding light on the creativity of the youth and the dreams that they're chasing. This series contains live interviews of young millineals with an appetite for ambition and passion.  The mission for Destination Dream is to inspire the uninspired and to remember to dream big until you've reached your final destination.




Destination Dream: @LorineChia

Destination Dream


Destination Dream




The Shumake Family and Friends Foundation


"We are a charitable organization that provide support to communities through philanthropic initiatives"



Kid Entrs Need Opprotunities


"Kid Entrepreneurs Need Opportunites Foundation, Inc. (KENO) fosters, grows and nurtures businesses formed by Kid Entrepreneurs. Kids are naturally gifted with bright ideas and the ability to think beyond the realm of everyday possibilities. We at The KENO Fund believe that it is important to ignite these bright ideas. In doing so we begin to teach the youth of the world financial literacy, legacy wealth creation, and business stewardship that could change the world for good"


Rebelle Agency


"Rebelle Agency is a creative development and management company that infuses public relations, brand development & management, and digital & modern experiential marketing techniques to facilitate vision-growth for clientele in the entertainment, media, lifestyle, sports and non-profit industries".


Gorilla Design House


"Our mission is to creatively express your vision within our graphics. With a specialization of corporate identity branding, GDH has been able to service clients ranging from the passionate musician, the risk taking entrepreneur, and the veteran business".


Lily Rose Cupcakes and Confections


"LOVE is the main ingredient baked into each and every LilyRose cupcake and sweet treat! We do it by using the finest ingredients, including Callebaut chocolate, sweet cream butter, fresh fruit and herbs, and unique spices. At LilyRose we like to have fun, so we regularly create unique flavor combinations to offer you the most delicious cupcakes around. You’ll find traditional favorites and unique gourmet cupcakes on our daily menu".