The INDI Group is a visual marketing platform that strives to encourage young people to invest in their personal brands through entrepreneurship and business development strategies. We offer a creative space for collaborations to take place for the marketing and promotion of our clients and their brands.  INDI’s mission is to highlight the importance of individuality through business, we do this by focusing on visual marketing, artist development and  brand identity to encourage self-expression in business.




INDI media is the platform for freelance photography and Video Production. Projects under INDI media include, fashion look books, photo shoots, web series, documentaries, and print media all showcasing different aspects of individuality amongst today’s youth.




INDI clothing is THE lifestyle brand for INDIviduals to express their form of individuality through clothing. INDI Clothing stresses the notion that we are all different but represent the same thing, we are all individuals on this journey both together and seperate and we share that differently through our style. INDI Clothing promotes the style of being "YOU"  through comfort and creativity. 



Destination Dream is the first creative organization under the INDI foundation. Destination Dream is a video series focused on shedding light on the creativity of the youth and the dreams that they're chasing. This series contains live interviews of young teens and adults with a appetite for ambition and passion.. The mission for Destination Dream is to inspire the uninspired and to remember to dream big until you've reached your final destination.